Keep Your Eye On The Road

The Momentum Knysna Cycle Tour is just around the corner and it’s crucial for us, as cyclists, to keep our eyes on the road to ensure the safety of our fellow riders and ourselves.

Just a few pointers to ensure you have a safe and pleasant ride:

* Keep your eyes on the road at all times
* Don’t stare at the wheel in front of you; keep your sight at least 5-10 meters up the road to react to changes being made upfront in the bunch.
* Always keep your fingers/hands on the brakes; you always need that extra quick stopping power
* Never overlap your front wheel with the back wheel of the rider in front of you; it’s a disaster waiting to happen if the bunch makes changes in front.
* When eating or fiddling with your pockets, move to the back of the echelon or bunch.

Eyes on the road