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The Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival is already known as one of South Africa’s premium sporting events, with athletes testing their abilities, skills and endurance at some of the most anticipated and varied events on the Western Cape sporting calendar.

Now, for the fifth year running, the Festival brings you the ultimate in sporting adventures – the Big5 Challenge. The festival-long challenge will have you cycling and running on both the road and breathtaking trails, as well as rowing or swimming on the Knysna estuary as you prove yourself worthy of the title athlete.

For the very first time in 2014 the Festival introduces the Big 5 Lite. The name might indicate a less strenuous challenge, but don’t be fooled – it is still BIG and still 5 Events in one week! The Big 5 Lite is targeted to Multi sport athletes that want to compete in all the big Festival Events, but are happy to do the shorter course.

Participants of both events will have their own registration process, so no need of queuing or registering with each individual event. All athletes will receive a custom Big 5 Buff as well as a Finisher Shirt and a medal.

In the evening of each race day Big 5 participants will be invited to attend the Big 5 Yellow Jersey Ceremony in which the Yellow Jersey will be handed over to the leading athletes. After the last of the 5 events, on Saturday July 13,  the Big 5 and Big 5 Lite events will culminate in an award Ceremony not to be missed – podium Finishers and all other finishers will be honored and receive their deserved Race Medals. Time to celebrate and pop the corks.

Big 5 Events

To enter the Big5 Challenge or Big 5 Lite you need to enter 5 of the following 7 Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival events. Past winning times are listed in brackets next to the event name which can help you with your choice of events.

 Big 5 Challenge

 Big 5 Lite

EVENT 1  Saturday Momentum Weekend Argus Rotary Knysna Cycle Tour – 80km MTB race
(Male 02:57:00; Female 03:24:03)
Momentum Weekend Argus Rotary Knysna Cycle Tour – 50km MTB race(Male 01:21:48; Female 01:31:40)
EVENT 2  Sunday Choose ONE event from either:

Weekend Argus Rotary Knysna Cycle Tour – 100km Road race
(Male 02:31:12; Female 03:10:13)Knysna Lagoon Challenge 22 km paddle race
(Male 01:56:09; Female 02:30:59)Knysna Dragons Lagoon mile Swim
(Male 00:22:18 ; Female 00:24:13)
Choose ONE event from either:Momentum Weekend Argus Rotary Knysna Cycle Tour – 50km Road race
(Male 01:21:48; Female 01:31:40)
Knysna Lagoon Challenge 10 km paddle raceKnysna Dragons Lagoon mile Swim
(Male 00:22:18 ; Female 00:24:13)
EVENT 3 Tuesday Salomon Featherbed Trail Run presented by GU – Coelacanth – 14km
(Male 00:54:35; Female 01:05:29)
Salomon Featherbed Trail Run presented by GU – Seahorse – 11km
(Male 00:47:11; Female 00:56;01)
EVENT 4 Thursday Totalsports XTERRA presented by REHIDRAT – Full distance (Trail Run: 3km; MTB: 23km; Trail Run: 7km)
(Male 01:38:07; Female 02:03:51)
Totalsports XTERRA presented by REHIDRAT – Lite (Trail Run: 3km; MTB: 12,5km; Trail Run: 3km)
(Male 01:02:43; Female 01:18:40)
EVENT 5 Saturday Choose ONE from either:Momentum Cape Times Knysna Forest Half Marathon- 21km
(Male 01:03:11; Female 01:14:19)or Full Marathon- 42km
(Male 02:20:04; Female 02:39:10)
Momentum Cape Times Knysna Forest Half Marathon-21km
(Male 01:03:11; Female 01:14:19)
Big 5 Big 5 Lite

All 5 races of your choice will be electronically timed.

Big 5 Scoring System

In order to rank all Big 5 and all Big 5 Lite athletes against each other- independent of the choice of event – the scores will be calculated as follows:

Each Big Five event is scored on a points system where a maximum of 1000 points are allocated for each event of the Big Five. Points are calculated for each of the Big Five Events by taking the overall event winner’s time (male & female respectively) for that particular course and dividing that by the individual Big Five competitor’s time and then multiplying that by 1000 to give a point value.

For example:  the winner of the Momentum Weekend Argus Knysna Rotary Cycle Tour race does a time of 03:02:15 and the Big Five Competitor finishes the race in 03:42:11. The Points calculation for that competitor for that event is 03:02:15/03:43:15 (0.820269) x 1000 = 820

Note that points will be rounded off to the nearest whole number.

By this system the scoring of a Big Five participant’s performance in each race is relative to the best competitor in the field for that race making it possible to compare the results in different event. Participants in the Big Five are able to make strategic decisions based on their competencies in the different sports relative to the best athletes in the field.

This one-of- a- kind challenge will not only challenge you beyond your comfort zone, but also brings with it plenty of other benefits. All participants will receive  discount vouchers for certain restaurants, activities and shops in town for the duration of the festival.

Bike Transport

Don’t know how to get your bicycle to Knysna?

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Bike Transport


Training Program
Tim Ellerbeck from Velocity Sports Lab has put together a training program to achieve the best possible result in this week long challenge, so don’t wait longer sign up today!

contact Tim Ellerbeck;
Cel:      071 1727911

Training Plan Info click here
Take on the challenge and enter the Big5 or Big 5 Lite to experience adventure in one of the top 100 destinations in the world.

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